Frequently Asked Questions About Vending Routes For Sale

How can you assure the prompt sale of my vending route?

Because we lead the industry with our Internet marketing, and advertise your vending route for sale on the highest searched web sites for businesses, with absolutely no upfront cost, or out of pocket expenses to you whatsoever! Don't take our word for it, go ahead Google "vending routes for sale."

How do I avoid wasted time with unqualified buyers?

At Vending Routes For Sale, we pre-qualify all applicants based upon the nature and financial requirements of your route. We also prevent you and your family from having to deal with undesired, unknown individuals. You meet only qualified, serious buyers!

How much does it cost to list my vending route for sale with you?

There are no upfront fees, or out of pocket expenses! You're listing and custom web page are all Free! You pay a commission (the lowest rate in the industry) of the selling price, ONLY when your vending business sells! We are extremely affordable when you compare us to brokers who charge a standard 10%. In addition we give you the option to sell your route on your own... In other words if you find a buyer before we do, you owe us NOTHING! Our service is absolutely risk free! Contact us for a Free Consultation Here!

Who is Vending Routes For Sale?

Vending Routes For Sale along with Routes For Sale was founded by Ron Slusser. Ron has over 17 years of various vending route and real estate experience and is changing the way vending route businesses are sold. We will evaluate your vending business, and offer you expert consulting services. Our goal is to bring "buyers and sellers together."

How much is a Vending route worth and how do you determine the value?

The valuation of a vending route business is determined based on many variables, some of which are the number of accounts, type of machines, and location of territory. Additional factors will include pricing based on current tax returns or if the business has been ran as an "all cash" business, we will consider the business assets. We can even research previous sales for you to determine a fair market value.

How is my business kept Confidential?

We always maintain the highest level of confidentiality to insure that all parties involved are protected. You can be assured that any and all information pertaining to your client base; income levels, service schedules, etc. will remain confidential, and are shared with only individuals/entities that have executed the proper confidentiality agreements. Our reputation is built on protecting the confidentiality of all involved.

What type of training should I expect?

Training varies with each transaction and is negotiable. How much experience you have with vending routes will play an important role in determining how much time is needed. On average the training period usually lasts from two to three weeks and is conducted by the seller Be the first to get notified of new routes for sale listings by Enrolling Here!

Will I need a license or permits to operate a Vending Route Business?

Because Vending Routes For Sale operates nationwide we cannot offer advice on this matter, as each states individual laws will vary. Please check with your local city/state for any required licenses or permits needed to operate a vending machine business.

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